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uBlock Origin is a widely used browser app or extension known for its ability to filter content. For Internet users who wish to remain safe from possible threats they may encounter while browsing the Web, uBlock Origin is one of those nifty apps that keeps them away from bad scripts or bad ads that may […]

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A new piece of Mac malware, dubbed Komplex, has been discovered by Palo Alto Networks. This malware provides a backdoor into the system, like most other recent Mac malware. Where it gets most interesting, though, isn’t in its capabilities, but in the connections it allows us to make. The implementation of Komplex is actually anything but […]

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When it comes to passwords, one piece of advice we give our readers is to use password managers / vaults to help them maintain, keep track of, and store away account logins that are impossible to recall by memory on a daily basis – for example, Dashline, Keychain, 1Password, and LastPass. We also advise our […]

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