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I got the impression that lately the amount of phishing attacks via social media was not as great as we have seen in the past. But just as I logged in to Twitter today I noticed that I had received two direct messages, and they both had a very similar message. Two days ago I […]

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There are millions of people using Skype. In fact, early this year, Skype had reached 40 million concurrent users; all were signed onto Skype, all at once. And yes, it is widely available on mobile devices. Last week, a new piece of malware was spotted trying to take advantage of Skype’s popularity, specifically targeting Android […]

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Hakuna matata everyone! So i am here in sunny Barcelona for Virus Bulletin. Right now im taking a small break from all the interesting talks. Im sitting here listening to some crazy good dubstep and reviewing all the presentations from yesterday, and it just hit me, this is actually my first time at this conference, […]

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