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Apple has confirmed that it has already pushed out security updates for iOS, macOS and tvOS that mitigate the danger of users being affected by Meltdown attacks. (watchOS did not require mitigation.)

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Mozilla is piloting a program with the aim to introduce a feature in Firefox that will notify users when their credentials may have been leaked or stolen in a data breach. In a GitHub repo set up for the initiative, Bengaluru, India-based Mozilla developer Nihanth Subramanya explains the reasons behind the “Breach Alerts Prototype” and […]

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A malicious campaign targeting users of the Chrome web browser on Windows systems recently started distributing a remote access Trojan, security researchers have discovered. First spotted in December 2016, the attack is tied to the EITest compromise chain, and has been observed distributing the Fleercivet ad fraud malware and ransomware variants such as Spora and […]

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