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There’s certainly no shortage of commercial spying apps for Android, with most positioned as parental control tools. In reality, however, these apps barely differ from spyware, with the exception perhaps of the installation method. There’s no need to even resort to Tor Browser or other darknet activity either – all you need to do is […]

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Researchers revealed a new high-severity vulnerability affecting the Google Android platform which could result in users actually agreeing for their Androids to be pwned. While no one in their right mind would do that on purpose, they might do it by accident since it is an overlay attack. What the user sees on the screen, […]

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Researchers at FireEye have identified a vulnerability affecting Google Android that could be exploited to lead users to malicious sites. According to FireEye, the issue allows a malicious app with ‘normal’ protection level permissions to target legitimate icons on the Android home screen and modify them to point to attack sites or the malicious app […]

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SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018



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