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If you own or run a business that do not have resources of the enterprise yet, chances are good that your team uses a few cloud services in its daily work. It could be Google Apps for Business, MS Office 365, Dropbox, CRM or an accounting platform, or something else, but it’s rare a team […]

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Google is rolling out an update for the iOS version of Google Apps that promises increased security for companies that use the cloud-based service. The update introduces iOS Sync automatically to Gmail and Google Drive, and will let employers using Google Apps for Work, Eduction, or Government distribute WiFi passwords to selected iPads and iPhones, and […]

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G-mail messages exchanged on Google’s cloud servers are encrypted, but beyond that, it’s a free-for-all out there. Enter, Google Apps Message Encryption (GAME). The service will allow Google Apps users to encrypt emails sent to users on other systems, such as Yahoo and Microsoft Exchange. Currently,…

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