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Before you start sobbing, let me tell you the good news.Justin Bieber hasn’t died in a car crash.Phew! I’m sure we’re all relieved about that. Not least Mister Bieber himself.But what if you had heard on the grapevine that the pint-sized heart-throb had come to a grisly end? How would you have confirmed the news?Chances […]

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Shirley Temple! I’m more of a Streisand man myself, but even so she caused a bit of a stir recently as Huffington Post, NY Post and others reported her arrival on Twitter – including those who were “helping her to get verified“. NY Post mentioned that she was conversing with Dick Van Dyke, and Toy […]

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There’s a chiling rumor going around the grapevine that could spell disaster if it’s confirmed to be true. China, not exactly a paragon of democracy, is said to be trying its very best to buy a significant portion of Facebook. Their motive: well, suffice it to say that it’s not likely to mean improved privacy […]

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