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The cybercriminal’s options for monetizing attacks has never been broader, less complex, or less risky, and attempts to detect intrusions by detecting the malware they use has never been more pointless, a study commissioned by Arbor Networks has revealed.

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To Mark Loveless, an internet-enabled cordless drill seemed like a perfect recipe for an IoT security nightmare. Duo Security’s senior security researcher confessed that it sounded silly and quite possibly part of a push by the electronics maker to inject “smarts” into devices that ultimately turned them into hackable punching bags for adversaries to exploit.

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The Office of Personnel Management breach in June 2015 was a big wake up call to our federal government, and, in its wake, a number of initiatives were launched to improve the government’s cybersecurity posture. Despite several concrete improvements, progress has stalled in some areas, as demonstrated by a series of assessments conducted since the breach occurred.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017



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