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Back in 2010, Facebook likejacking (a social engineering technique of tricking people into posting a Facebook status update) was a trending problem. So, whatever happened to likejacking scams and spam? Well, Facebook beefed-up its security — and the trend significantly declined, at least when compared to peak 2010 numbers. But you can’t keep a good […]

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We’ve discovered a server that only attacks and/or spams smartphones and tablets — and not PCs. A Swedish-based colleague of ours, Johan, was recently using his (Android) phone to search for boat trips in the Galapagos Islands. He found a site called Vagabond. And on Vagabond he found an entry with a link to: […]

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Yesterday, we wrote about some very bad piggies: pirated Rovio software being used to push unwanted ads at Google Play users. What kind of ads? Here’s an example from an ad-network we’ve been tracking since we came across it back in March. Yesterday, the ad-network directed Finnish IP addresses to an ad for a poker […]

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