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One of the most fascinating blow-outs I’ve seen in recent weeks is the furore over the ending to massively popular videogame franchise Mass Effect 3. The short version is: 1) Game developers make lots of promises in relation to how your journey as the main character will pan out. 2) It all goes horribly wrong. […]

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There’s an Xbox code generator floating around on Youtube and other sites right now, and a pretty popular one at that. How popular? This popular: Click to Enlarge 20,000+ views so far. The program promises all sorts of Xbox freebies – 1 month of Xbox Live, 12 months if you’re feeling particularly greedy and 1600 […]

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I’m sure a McDonald’s themed Facebook scam seemed like a good idea to somebody at the time, but wow is this one all over the place. It’s your typical “Click here to Like”, “Post a spam comment saying how good this is” then “do one of these offers” affair. However, there are many things about […]

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SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018



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