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As Apple’s popularity grows, so does the desire among fraudsters to make money from the people who own the company’s devices. The cybercriminals are aiming to steal Apple ID data which provides access to users’ personal information stored in iCloud (e.g., photographs, contacts, documents, email, etc.) as well as to the purchases made in the […]

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October 2011 was marked by the increased activity of cyber fraudsters employing phishing and other social-engineering tricks in their schemes. Criminals targeted social network users and customers of Russian hosting providers. Other important events include the discovery of a new backdoor program that enabled intruders to control infected computers remotely.VKontakte users under attackFraudsters are adapting […]

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Earlier this week I read an extremely interesting and impressing blog item by Daniel Amitay: Most Common iPhone Passcodes. Amitay has analyzed more than 200 000 passcodes used in an app with a similar passcode setup screen to iPhone. His findings are astonishing and scary. Let me go through some of his findings. Keep in […]

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