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People expect their email to be private between them and the recipient, but in reality, the contents of your email are exposed during transmission. Full end-to-end encryption would mean that only the receiver of the email can decrypt their messages, but sharing public keys and agreeing on a common encryption standard can be tricky for […]

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American author, engineer and billiards Hall of Famer, Robert Byrne, once noted “confidence is overconfidence.” According to the recently released annual Data Security Confidence Index (DSCI), many businesses today are guilty of this flawed mindset; feeling overconfident about keeping hackers at bay, while at the same time failing to keep data safe. According to the […]

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In an age when cyber criminals abound, it pays to prepare and be always on guard. It means being aware of strategies criminals often resort to and investing in monitoring tools as well as preventive measures to avoid such massive cyber atrocities in the first place. Security software company Avast found that of 132 million […]

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