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In my previous tutorial, I wrote about digitally signing emails in Apple Mail to ensure that an email being sent or received is verified as coming from a trusted source. While this does nothing to hide the contents of the email from prying eyes, it does serve to identify the users involved in sending and […]

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We just released some major updates to our Free WordPress plugin that we recommend all WordPress users check out. Before the update, the plugin was just a simplified way to reach and scan a site using Sitecheck, now it is doing a lot more: WordPress core integrity checking – This feature allows you to scan […]

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It seems that SPAM is all the rave these days, wonder why, could it be because it’s a multi-million business? In any event, detecting is always a challenge as is remediating. This is what it might look like if you use our free scanner to scan the website:Besides some of the obvious things we have […]

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