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More than 20 of the most popular mobile trading applications used by consumers and day-traders for securities transactions contain glaring vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to sniff personal data or steal money from accounts. Researchers from IOActive today published a report describing the scope of the security issues. More concerning, however, is the lack of […]

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It’s a coin toss whether or not that Internet of Things device you depend on is secure. Those unacceptable 50/50 odds come from a survey by IOActive where technology professionals were asked about the security of connected devices from thermostats, security cameras to alarm systems.

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More than a quarter million homes protected by SimpliSafe wireless security systems are vulnerable to hackers who can deactivate the alarm anytime, according to IOActive, a Seattle-based security consulting firm. IOActive published a proof of concept report on Wednesday that outlines how it disarmed SimpliSafe’s wireless home security systems.

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