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Apple just can’t seem to get away from the theme of security flaws right now. Last month it was the macOS 10.13 root password issue, hot on the heels of the news that the iPhone’s X’s much-vaunted Face ID authentication could be bypassed using a prosthetic mask. Read More

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What a timely way to end this series on Threat Modeling the Internet of Things (IoT). An advanced thingbot, nicknamed Reaper (or IoTroop), was recently discovered infecting hordes of IoT devices. Reaper ups the ante for IoT security. It has a sophisticated C2 channel system and a Lua code execution environment (to deliver much more […]

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Apple said it has fixed an undisclosed vulnerability in its HomeKit framework that could have allowed unauthorized remote control of HomeKit devices such as smart locks and connected garage door openers. Read More

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