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When things break, our natural instinct is to look for someone to blame. Why? Because nothing happens by accident. It’s either done on purpose, a casualty of neglect or lack of preparation. Trust me, as someone who has worked in the security industry for over 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of issues arise and nearly all of them are down to one of the above.

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I’ve alluded to the 1980’s film The Neverending Story before, and I will again because it is rich with little nuggets of wisdom that transcend time, generation, gender, and industry. When the hero, Atreyu, has to pass through the Sphinx’s gate, his self-confidence is challenged. The test for anyone trying to pass is to make it through without the Sphinxes opening their eyes.

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China will start carrying out security checks of IT suppliers in the country, with the intent of keeping out internet products vulnerable to spying and hacking. The new rules, which take effect in June, mean that foreign vendors will face more scrutiny — including government-mandated background checks, and supply chain vetting — when selling IT […]

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