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Sometimes you can’t help but put yourself in the shoes of your clients and skeptics and wonder how many times they roll their eyes at the things you says. Cross-site contamination is one of those things. We first start writing about it in March of 2013 in a little post that got a lot of […]

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Recently we have received several customer issues about garbage being printed on their network printers. During our investigation, we came across a new worm that causes the garbage print jobs. Symantec detects this worm as W32.Printlove. W32.Printlove uses the Microsoft Windows Print Spooler Service Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE 2010-2729) discovered in 2010 to spread […]

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A little cluster of spam/scam sites on, running a scam related to this one. Avoid. The WHOIS details are as follows:   Aleje Ujazdowskie 88-44   Warszawa   Warszawa,   PL   00545   name:(Sophie Ellis)   mail:(   +022.8260898   +022.8260898   Hot […]

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