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Jon Stewart has a long, playful, and antagonistic history with CNN, but his relationship with the 24-hour news channel could change dramatically if Stewarts latest plan pans out: raising $10 billion to buy the network. Stewart isnt actually trying to buy CNN — Keep in mind, he says, we need ten-billion dollars — but he did […]

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Disney and Lucasfilm have been using the out-of-this-galaxy popularity of Star Wars to raise money for charity, and with just a week left in their very first campaign, theyve enlisted Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to help promote the cause. Fortunately, Stewart and Colbert are apparently huge Star Wars fans — huge enough of fans to […]

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The moment that a notoriously pro-surveillance member of Congress spent nearly an hour excoriating the CIA for breaking into Senate computers, a Daily Show sketch became inevitable. Jon Stewart doesnt disappoint. Whats extraordinary about these accusations is theyre not coming from Senator Ron ooh, privacy is important Wyden or Senator Rand aah, dont kill me with […]

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