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Kaspersky Lab¬†today announced a new solution aimed at helping customers detect advanced targeted attacks, and a new security Intelligence offering for enterprises. Generically named the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform, the system monitors network, web and e-mail activity to help detect attacks at any stage, even if no malicious activity has occurred. According to the […]

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When #businesses are hit by noticeable distributed denial-of-service #attacks, three-quarters of the time those attacks are accompanied by another security incident, according to #kaspersky Lab. Those other attacks may or may not originate from the same party, but they can go undetected if IT staff is totally focused on defending against the #ddos, says Evgeny […]

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A day after we published our #no ransom campaign decryptor in the fight against the #coinvault #ransomware, we were contacted by a fellow researcher from #panda, Bart Blaze. He kindly suggested that new variants of this dreadful ransomware were available and that he would happily share them with us. After obtaining the new MD5 hashes […]

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