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This week, #kaspersky Labs published detailed information on what it calls the Equation Group — almost certainly the #nsa — and its abilities to embed #spyware deep inside computers, gaining pretty much total control of those computers while maintaining persistence in the face of reboots, operating system reinstalls, and commercial anti-virus products. The details are […]

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Earlier today, reports of a number of cyberattacks against various South Korean targets hit the news. The attackers, going by the handle “Whois Team” left a number of messages during the defacements: The code used for defacement, posted by an anonymous user to the “” forum (see indicates several e-mails used by the attackers: […]

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In mid-February 2013 a Kaspersky user from Malaysia asked us to check a Google Play application called My HRMIS & JPA Demo developed by Nur Nazri. The user was suspicious about the large number of permissions required by the app, though its only stated function was to open four websites. After launching the app shows […]

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THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2015

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