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Even as financial institutions move to shore up ATM security with biometric mechanisms, cyber-crooks are busy figuring out ways to beat them. Biometric identifiers like fingerprints, palm veins, voice, and the iris have long been considered as offering the most secure way to authenticate an individual’s identity. But that may be changing. Security firm Kaspersky […]

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Kaspersky Lab has released updates for its consumer products to address several denial-of-service (DoS) and memory disclosure vulnerabilities identified by researchers at Cisco’s Talos group. Cisco reported discovering a total of four issues in Kaspersky Internet Security products, specifically in the KLIF, KLDISK and KL1 drivers. Two of the flaws, tracked as CVE-2016-4304 and CVE-2016-4305, […]

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Kaspersky Lab is ready to pay up to $50,000 in bounty rewards to hackers that find security vulnerabilities in its products, thanks to a new bug bounty program launched today in partnership with HackerOne. During an initial six-month phase which begins today, security researchers are encouraged to examine Kaspersky’s flagship products for consumers and businesses, […]

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