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In case you didn’t know, cyber-criminals often take advantage of bugs (exploitable flaws in software) to get inside their victims’ PCs. That’s why every Internet user should install patches and security updates for their systems and software as soon as they become available. Having scanned your computer, this tool creates a detailed report on any […]

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Kaspersky Lab today announced a new solution aimed at helping customers detect advanced targeted attacks, and a new security Intelligence offering for enterprises. Generically named the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform, the system monitors network, web and e-mail activity to help detect attacks at any stage, even if no malicious activity has occurred. According to the […]

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When #businesses are hit by noticeable distributed denial-of-service #attacks, three-quarters of the time those attacks are accompanied by another security incident, according to #kaspersky Lab. Those other attacks may or may not originate from the same party, but they can go undetected if IT staff is totally focused on defending against the #ddos, says Evgeny […]

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