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A deeper look into the latest version of malware known as Duqu shows it used digital certificates from prominent contract manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group to help mask its activity. Kaspersky Lab, which published a report on Duqu 2.0 last week, wrote in a blog post Monday that a 64-bit driver within the malware employed a […]

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Russian security firm #kaspersky Lab today hosted a dramatic press conference that all but accused the US of carrying out a successful cyber-attack on the company using an obscure but extremely advanced cyber-weapon called ‘Duqu 2.0’. It should be underlined that the firm did not mention the US by name but simply said that it […]

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This week, #kaspersky Labs published detailed information on what it calls the Equation Group — almost certainly the #nsa — and its abilities to embed #spyware deep inside computers, gaining pretty much total control of those computers while maintaining persistence in the face of reboots, operating system reinstalls, and commercial anti-virus products. The details are […]

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