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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For comes out in a little under a month, and by now were well aware of how stylish and downright bloody its meant to be. But things can always get bloodier. In this latest spot that first debuted at Comic-Con this weekend, directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller both […]

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Lady Gaga just made a spectacular album debut entrance — even for her — in what can only be described as a astronaut dress-cum-hexacopter that she named Volantis. Though wed call it a colossal publicity stunt, Gaga …

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Lady Gaga concerts usually involve a heavy amount of flamboyance and theatrics, and the singer’s most recent show is no exception. In scenes reminiscent of Michael Jacksons jetpack, Gaga took to the stage in New York last night to unveil a flying dress. Dubbed the Volantis transport prototype, Lady Gaga appeared at her ARTPOP album […]

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