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On Monday, Malwarebytes researcher Jerome Segura posted a nice write up (and video) about FBI themed ransom scams targeting users of Apple Mac OS X. The basics are as such:   •  Segura discovered the scam via a Bing Images search for Taylor Swift.  •  A compromised site hosting the image linked to a webpage mimicking police ransomware.  •  Only it […]

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In a previous post, “Fake apps: Behind the effective social strategy of fraudulent paid-archives,” we exposed the social engineering technique behind Win32/Pameseg – our detection for a family of “paid-archives.” We described the use of “low-ball” techniques and explained how users are led to believe they are making an informed choice. However, the choice ultimately leads to […]

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According to Doctor Web analysts, a temporary decline and subsequent upsurge in the spread of Trojan.Hosts programs was one of March’s most distinct trends. The outbreak reached its peak in early 2013. March was also marked by a growing number of encoder Trojan infections and the emergence of adware Trojans for Mac OS X. So […]

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