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A Trojanized version of Elmedia Player software for Mac was available for download for who knows how long from the developer’s official site, ESET researchers have found. The compromised package was made to deliver the newest version of the Proton backdoor. Read More

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A developer from Brazil noticed that the recently launched macOS High Sierra 10.13 operating system leaks the passwords for encrypted Apple File System (APFS) volumes via the password hint. APFS is a new file system introduced by Apple with macOS High Sierra. When High Sierra is installed on a computer with a solid-state drive (SSD), […]

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The FruitFly backdoor became a known entity in January, but it’s a good bet that for years it had been in the wild, undetected by analysts and security software. The macOS and OS X malware has a number of insidious spying capabilities that would make anyone uneasy, and a variant recently analyzed by Synack chief security researcher Patrick Wardle was no exception.

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