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The FruitFly backdoor became a known entity in January, but it’s a good bet that for years it had been in the wild, undetected by analysts and security software. The macOS and OS X malware has a number of insidious spying capabilities that would make anyone uneasy, and a variant recently analyzed by Synack chief security researcher Patrick Wardle was no exception.

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Anyone in the information security industry who’s interested in Mac security probably knows who Patrick Wardle is. Apart from being Chief Security Researcher at Synack, he’s also the creator of a number of security tools for macOS, which he makes available for free on his Objective-See project site.

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Ransomware has been estimated to be a billion-dollar business, indiscriminately targeting both home users and organizations. Although it has been active for years, recent ransomware campaigns, such as WannaCry, have gone viral and infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world in a matter of days.

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