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Advertising on the web has taken many forms over the years, with one recent type of ad proving extremely profitable for ad networks and publishers, as well as fraudsters: app install advertising. App install advertising offers developers and publishers an efficient, albeit costly, way to promote their software, paying for actual installs rather than impressions […]

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On the heels of KeyRaider’s attack on jailbroken iPhones, attackers show they can hit non-broken devices too, sneaking 39 weaponized apps onto the official #app store and around #apple‘s best efforts to lock down its developer environment. Although Apple’s closed development environment has largely succeeded in keeping the App Store relatively free of malicious Mac […]

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Companies spanning retailers, travel companies, media & entertainment, gambling firms and banks have far more mobile apps owned by them or referencing their brand than they are aware of, many of which come from a new breed of hacker intent on compromising their digital assets and putting their customers at risk. RiskIQ research found that, […]

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