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Many users of Android devices sooner or later are tempted to root them. Here we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having root permissions on Android devices — and if your device should be rooted at all. Obtaining superuser access rights, popularly known as rooting, lets owners take full control of their devices.

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Three-fourths of physicians use more than one mobile device for work, a new study shows.  One in five doctors’ mobile devices are at high risk of attack, according to a new study. Medical professionals have become savvy tech users: 99% of doctors use mobile devices as of 2015 and the number of doctors using more […]

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Big companies have been trying to make in-store payments with mobile devices a thing for years, which makes Frederik Leiflands approach awfully refreshing by comparison. Theres no smartphone, no NFC chip, no apps involved here — all you need to pay for your Frosted Flakes and Nutella is the palm of your hand. You see, […]

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