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The new Google Pixel 2 ships with a dedicated hardware security module designed to be robust against physical attacks. This hardware module performs lock screen pass code verification and protects your lock screen better than software alone. Read More

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Face ID, the facial biometric unlocking technology included in Apple’s recently launched iPhone X, can be bypassed using a mask, security researchers have discovered. When revealing the new iPhone X in early September, Apple said that Face ID could recognize its owner with only 1 in 1,000,000 false positives, day or night and that professional […]

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Google on Monday released its November 2017 set of security patches for Android to address 31 vulnerabilities, 9 of which are remote code execution issues rated Critical severity. A total of 9 vulnerabilities are related to the recently revealed KRACK attack. The newly released Android Security Bulletin—November 2017 is split into three security patch levels. […]

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