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More than 500 Android mobile apps have been removed from Google Play after it was discovered that an embedded advertising SDK could be leveraged to quietly install spyware on devices. The SDK, called Igexin, was developed by a Chinese company and may have been used to install malware that could, among other things, exfiltrate logs […]

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Several low-cost Android device models were recently found to feature the Triada Trojan built into their firmware, Dr. Web security researchers say. Designed as a financial threat, Triada was said last year to be the most advanced mobile malware because it could inject itself into the Zygote parent process, thus running code in the context […]

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For Nick Kralevich, head of Android platform security at Google, there is no better barometer for success than finding out the market value for vulnerabilities on the OS he works to protect are among the highest paid for mobile. During a Black Hat session on hardening Android, Kralevich discussed the multi-year journey Google developers have […]

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