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The sting of mobile ransomware grew more painful in 2017 with attacks increasing a whopping 3.5 times in the first quarter compared to the same time a year ago. Behind those attacks were a quarter million Trojan installation packages targeting Android devices that sought to extort between $100 to $500 from victims. German smartphone users […]

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After a recent investigation, Mexican NGOs allege that the Mexican government is deploying sophisticated mobile spying software on local journalists, lawyers and activists. Using fake custom messages, such as news, pictures and text messages to lure victims into clicking various URLs, a series of zero-day vulnerabilities would be exploited to allow remote control of the targeted devices.

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Dallas emergency management officials continue to investigate a hack that activated all 156 emergency tornado sirens citywide for about 90 minutes early Saturday.
The city declared the sirens were activated Friday night in a hack that officials believe came from the Dallas area.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017



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