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#google knows a lot about you. I know, I know: DUH. When Google’s not tracking what sites users visit online so it can target-market them, its snoopy Street View cars are driving around and sniffing unsecured #wireless #networks and their passwords, usernames, and private #email. But here’s something else Google knows about us: even though 93% […]

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Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers have discovered a new method to breach air-gapped computer systems called “BitWhisper” which enables two-way communications between adjacent, unconnected PC computers using heat. The research, conducted by Mordechai Guri, Ph.D. is part of an ongoing focus on air-gap security at the BGU Cyber Security Research Center. Computers and […]

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  AIR-GAPPED SYSTEMS, WHICH are isolated from the #internet and are not connected to other systems that are connected to the Internet, are used in situations that demand high security because they make siphoning data from them difficult. Air-gapped systems are used in classified military networks, the payment networks that process credit and debit card […]

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