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A talk about a radio-based privacy device dubbed #proxyham that promised to allow hackers to connect to Wi-Fi #networks from as far as 2.5 miles away was abruptly pulled from the #def con schedule by its creator a few weeks ago. The incident, which some speculated was the result of pressure from the FBI or […]

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Companies are underestimating the risk of failing to provide security training to non-technical staff. A new Intel Security study, which surveyed IT decision makers in European-based companies, found that within UK companies, sales staff are the most exposed to online attacks. This is thanks to their frequent online contact with non-staff members. Incidentally, they were […]

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Airports, hotels… On vacation we also spend the whole day connected to the Internet. WhatsApp has in many countries become an essential tool for personal communication. We all want to be able to check Facebook, post photos on Instagram, tweet something we’ve seen, and answer work emails from wherever we are… and it’s possible. We […]

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