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While revealing the results of an internal investigation, Kaspersky Lab admitted it had uploaded classified NSA malware from a user’s computer in 2014. But that same user had been backdoored after installing a pirated version of Microsoft Office. Read More

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It’s unclear what happened in the reported theft of NSA data by Russian spies, but an attacker would need little help to steal if he or she had privileged access to an AV vendor’s network, security experts say. With Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab under the gun for its software reportedly helping Russian cyberspies steal classified US […]

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The hacker group calling itself Shadow Brokers continues to release tools and exploits allegedly stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), including a sophisticated espionage platform that can be used to take full control of targeted computers. In the past year, Shadow Brokers has apparently tried to make a significant amount of money by […]

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