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The Olympics are right around the corner, and the world will turn its attention to Rio de Janeiro for the Games of the XXXI Olympiad better known as the Summer Olympics in Rio. Unfortunately, the cyber-criminals know this and are getting ready for the Olympics as well. Global sporting events like the Olympics are a […]

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Recently, Kaspersky Lab experts detected a new wave of spam emails dedicated to the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Spammers picked up on people’s desire to watch the games live and created a message about a (fake) lottery allegedly organized by the International Olympic Committee and the Brazilian government. The spammers tried to […]

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I seem to gotten myself pigeonholed this year as the "search engine poisoning guy", since I get asked about SEP attacks on a consistent basis. Especially now, as America is in the middle of its Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season — I was asked about "Black Friday" SEP attacks by several people last week. Well, I had […]

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