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As spam filters and machine learning get better by the day at hampering email fraud, cybercriminals are doing new, flourishing business in the less-protected ‘phone’ department. Numerous phone and SMS scams are actively being carried out across Australia, the United States and other countries, with governments doing little to stop them, according to one security researcher.

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If you want to detect malware or other potential risks across your enterprise, one time-honored method is to look at your endpoint behavior. A recent Simility blog post detailed how it is tracking online fraud. With the help of a SaaS-based machine learning tool, the company and its beta customers have seen a 50 to […]

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According to a new study, most of the Chicago citizens who have been victims of various types of online fraud have also been victimized by cybercriminals unauthorized access to their personal information. The research was released by the National Consumers League (NCL) and Javelin Strategy. The connection between data breaches and fraud is easy to […]

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