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Real estate is a massive industry, with over 200,000 residential brokerage firms and 35,000 operating commercially. The industry touts an impressive $235 billion per year in revenue. Clearly if you’ve found your way up the ladder in real estate, you’re not regretting the decision. But what can the industry as a whole do to maintain that success?

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The rapid spread of the internet of things quickly revolutionized how companies operated and how consumers interacted with their favorite apps and devices. Today, cars, homes, and even thermostats are all digitally connected, sharing information with one another and making consumer’s lives easier than ever before. But is this stunning phenomenon now in danger?

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We often hear clients and prospective clients asking “how much should I be spending on cybersecurity?” That is a very complex question and one that is not easily answered without first having an understanding of what you mean by cybersecurity. There are many different versions of cybersecurity being pushed in the market and there is no “one size fits all” solution.

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