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Six researchers from Indiana University Bloomington, Peking University and Georgia Tech have recently published a paper in which they detail the existence of critical security weaknesses in Apple’s OS X and iOS – weaknesses that could be exploited by a sandboxed malicious app to gain unauthorized access to other apps’ sensitive data. “More specifically, we […]

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Last week, we wrote about a script-based malware targeting Mac users. Yesterday, the folks from avast! revealed a Windows version. Here is a summary of the difference between the Windows and OS X version: Our Windows users are already protected by our cloud technology.

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On Monday, Malwarebytes researcher Jerome Segura posted a nice write up (and video) about FBI themed ransom scams targeting users of Apple Mac OS X. The basics are as such:   •  Segura discovered the scam via a Bing Images search for Taylor Swift.  •  A compromised site hosting the image linked to a webpage mimicking police ransomware.  •  Only it […]

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