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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A day after a peaceful protest over recent Albuquerque police shootings turned violent, the citys new police chief commended officers for showing remarkable restraint.

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Here’s a new maxim for politicians, policy makers and public administrators: curtail, censor or otherwise limit communications technology in the real-world – expect online reprisals.Hacker collective Anonymous released a “press release” on Saturday announcing OpBritian, a reaction to UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s suggestions that social media should be restricted in a time of crisis.And […]

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All of you know that my main concern regarding Anonymous is the kind of protests they carry on. While they consider a DDoS attack a ‘peaceful protest’ the real thing is that it is a crime. However, it seems we can have some hope: Anonymous has started #OpPayPal and is asking users to close their […]

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