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With phishing now widely used as a mechanism for distributing ransomware, a new NTT Security reveals that 77% of all detected ransomware globally was in four main sectors – business & professional services (28%), government (19%), health care (15%) and retail (15%). While technical attacks on the newest vulnerabilities tend to dominate the media, many attacks rely on less technical means.

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The latest version of Google Chrome, released earlier this week, restricts how domain names that use non-Latin characters are displayed in the browser. This change is in response to a recently disclosed technique that could allow attackers to create highly credible phishing websites. The ability to register domain names made up of characters like those found in the Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Hebrew and other non-Latin alphabets dates back over a decade.

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Macs are commonly believed to be safe from malware, but — setting aside the fact that they aren’t — what about other risks? When it comes to shopping online, phishing is the main problem. Phishing websites look just like real ones, but instead of selling goods or services, they steal your bank or credit card info.

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FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017



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