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As Apple’s popularity grows, so does the desire among fraudsters to make money from the people who own the company’s devices. The cybercriminals are aiming to steal Apple ID data which provides access to users’ personal information stored in iCloud (e.g., photographs, contacts, documents, email, etc.) as well as to the purchases made in the […]

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We’re seeing quite a few of these “Can I use your…” style messages arriving in mailboxes, taking the form of fake Twitter DM notifications. The most common fakeouts seem to be asking about videos and photographs. Click to Enlarge Hello, Can i publish link to your photo on my web page? Another one says: Hi. […]

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Sophos – Facebook is acquiring facial recognition firm, for an estimated $60 million.Facebook already uses’s facial recognition technology to help it put a name to faces in photos uploaded to the social network. Now, with the acquisition of, the technology is coming in house.So what does Facebook facial recognition actually do?There are […]

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SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018



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