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I recently obtained a PoisonIvy sample which uses a legitimate application in an effort to stay under the radar.In this case, the PoisonIvy variant detected as BKDR_POISON.BTA (named as newdev.dll) took advantage of a technique known as a DLL preloading attack (aka binary planting) instead of exploiting previously known techniques. The malware was located in […]

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In the course of our threat research, we’ve encountered different types of social engineering lures that aim to trigger different emotions such as fear and happiness. These lures are often effective, as we’ve seen happen in several incidents in the past. However, they are also easily recognizable as they often use a common theme, be […]

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An unpatched JRE 1.7/Java 7 zero-day vulnerability was recently found to be exploited by a malicious .JAR file hosted on a specific site. Successful exploit leads to the download of a backdoor, in effect allowing remote malicious users to execute their desired commands on the vulnerable system. The zero-day exploit successfully runs in all versions […]

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