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This Article takes on the debate in the U.S. using the 2016 elections as a case study but puts the issue in a global context with in-depth case studies from South Africa, Estonia, Brazil, Germany, and India. Governance best practices are analyzed by reviewing these differing approaches to securing elections, including the extent to which […]

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Hackers are becoming a major source of political leaks in this year’s presidential race. Case in point: On Tuesday, stolen emails from former secretary of state Colin Powell became headline news after a mysterious site with possible ties to Russian cyber spies gave them to the press. Since then, media outlets have been pointing out […]

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Politically motivated cyber-espionage groups also hard at work between July and September, according to Trend Micro. Although Trend Micro has seen a decline in the number of threats since 2012 — trending nearly 20 percent down — point-of-sale attacks are increasing. One reason for the general decline in threats is that over the years most […]

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