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Yesterday’s revelation that Equifax’s credit report assistance Web page was spotted redirecting visitors to malware resulted in the company temporarily disabling the page and starting an investigation. Once the investigation was concluded, the company said that they didn’t get hacked. Instead, that the malicious script was part of the code of a third-party vendor that […]

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Personal data leaks happen every day. Some of them make it into the news, and some remain obscure. In the United States alone, 163 million user records have been compromised so far this year (according to data provided by the Identity Theft Resource Center). For those not keeping score, that’s four times as many as […]

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If you’re one of the many people still using Microsoft Internet Explorer to surf the internet, you have just been given another good reason to upgrade to a more modern browser. Independent security researcher Manuel Caballero has revealed an unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer that could allow a malicious attacker to capture sensitive information that […]

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