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The Fifth Amendment in the US has been used by defendants to protect themselves from divulging information that could incriminate them in an investigation — passwords and passcodes included. However, suspects can be forced by law enforcement to reveal their passwords for electronic devices as it doesn’t violate the amendment.

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The password-manager 1Password has just implemented a travel mode that tries to protect users while crossing borders. It doesn’t make much sense. To enable it, you have to create a list of passwords you feel safe traveling with, and then you can turn on the mode that only gives you access to those passwords.

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Thanks to the continuous barrage of high-profile computer security scares and reports of cloud-scale government snooping, more of us Internet users are wising up about the security of our information. One of the smarter moves we can make to protect ourselves is to use a password manager. It’s one of the easiest too.

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