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NEW YORK – United States companies doing business abroad are grumbling over new European privacy laws set to take effect in less than one year. The EU privacy rules are far more stringent than U.S. laws, and are meant to give consumers the upper hand when it comes to controlling what data is stored by […]

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After a recent investigation, Mexican NGOs allege that the Mexican government is deploying sophisticated mobile spying software on local journalists, lawyers and activists. Using fake custom messages, such as news, pictures and text messages to lure victims into clicking various URLs, a series of zero-day vulnerabilities would be exploited to allow remote control of the targeted devices.

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Nimses is a new social app that was developed in Ukraine and is now trending in Russian-speaking app stores. Why should I be interested in yet another social network, you may ask. Well, the idea behind this one is quite catchy: In Nimses, users can monetize the time they spend in the app.

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