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Sucuri – The United States presidential campaign is going full force, and it’s been a doozy. We don’t typically get involved with political situations, short of cleaning some of the crazy defacements we see, this is an exception. This election campaign has brought its typical bashing via commercials, the usual rhetoric we see in interviews, […]

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Recently I decided to improve my desktop with a little interactivity, and started dabbling with something called Rainmeter which displays customisable and functional skins in a variety of designs. There are entire websites where people can show off their design skills, and the general idea is to install Rainmeter, download a skin (in the .rmskin […]

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Avira launches a new product for Apple MacOS systems at the end of March 2012. It is called Avira Free Mac Security and it is a free-of-charge product for both consumers and businesses. The first version will be available in German and English. Features, design and user guidance are based on extensive user surveys, design […]

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