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People can be fired for all kinds of reasons: repeated lateness, safety violations, inebriation, and many others. Mostly stuff that’s in your control. However, cyberthreats should concern everybody, and although cyberincidents are not yet a common reason for firing workers, many experts believe that will change soon. Do you need to worry? Let’s find out!

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Scam Message:Free Facebook Credits GeneratorAlternate Message: Get Free Facebook CreditsScam Type: Survey ScamTrending: May 2012Why it’s a Scam:Clicking the wall post link takes you to the following page:First off, always be suspicious of special offers that require you to like multiple items. Also, requiring you to share posts on your Facebook wall is a favorite trick of […]

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The fake campaign is spreading via Facebook walls around the globe. The texts used in the announcements are English, which increases the chance that a large number of Facebook users accept the “bait message”. Starbucks has been used in a similar campaign already last year and they warned their customers not to believe such a […]

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