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If you are a chief information security officer (CISO) in a midsized or large organization, you might be familiar with this problem: The marketing department just launched a campaign and is collecting customer information on an unverified partner system. In addition, another business unit is launching a digital sales channel and has established its own […]

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One of the roadblocks to really enjoying an all-digital game collection is that its a lot faster to drive to the store and buy a new PlayStation 4 release at midnight than it is to snag it off of the …

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Microsofts quest for smartphone market share is hitting a few roadblocks, it seems. Kantar estimates that Windows Phone is still gaining ground in Europe, where its up year-over-year to 8.1 percent of sales in the first quarter of 2014. However, its taking a bruising in other areas.

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FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2018



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