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NATO members agreed Wednesday to increase the use of cyber weaponry and tactics during military operations, with the alliance also upgrading other capabilities to combat a resurgent Russia. The changes are part of the alliance’s biggest shakeup since the Cold War, with defence ministers backing the creation of two new command centres to help protect […]

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A link has been confirmed between the Bad Rabbit ransomware outbreak detected yesterday in major organizations in Russia and Ukraine and this summer’s ExPetr/Not Petya attacks. Researchers at Kaspersky Lab said there are “clear ties” between the two attacks though one major piece of the puzzle is missing with Bad Rabbit. Read More

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It’s unclear what happened in the reported theft of NSA data by Russian spies, but an attacker would need little help to steal if he or she had privileged access to an AV vendor’s network, security experts say. With Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab under the gun for its software reportedly helping Russian cyberspies steal classified US […]

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