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As our analysts found out, the links in the posts led to websites like,,, and other similar websites, depending on which airline appeared to be offering free tickets. Different posts mentioned different airlines, and everyone seemed to be celebrating an anniversary at the same time — a rather large coincidence.

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Just how much money can a scammy iPhone app make in the iOS App Store? You may be surprised. After all, how does $80,000 per month sound to you? The “Mobile protection :Clean & Security VPN” app is estimated to be have earnt its developer $80,000 per month, after tricking users into signing up for an eye-watering $99.99 per week subscription through a careless thumb press.

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Southern Oregon University recently fell victim to email fraud, resulting in $1.9 million being transferred to an attacker-controlled bank account. Fraudsters posing as the Andersen Construction company building a university pavilion and recreation center instructed SOU to transfer the money to an account not controlled by the contractor.

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