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PayPal is one of the most commonly targeted brands for Phishing, nearly equal to banks when it comes to potential financial gain for criminals. Today, we’re revisiting the concept of how to spot a Phishing email by focusing on a recent Phishing campaign that’s targeting PayPal customers. We’ll start by pointing out visual cues that […]

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Researchers at Malwarebytes spotted an email #phishing #scam on Wednesday that targets #amazon‘s #uk users. The emails, purporting to be from Amazon #customer service, falsely state that a small number of accounts were breached last month. The scammers tell the victims they are required to complete a “#verification process” or run the risk of having […]

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Illicit commercial activity online has manifested into all things mobile. With revenue in the billions from mobile marketing, criminals are doing their best to harness the technology for their own monetary gain. Monetisable triggers that come from pay for performance activity on mobile such as clicks, downloads, registrations, video ads, referrals, games and surveys are […]

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