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The callers are polite, and they sound very earnest, explaining in great detail how hackers can loot your bank accounts, steal your identity, and compromise passwords. They are intent on convincing you the threat is not only real but hackers are already in your system performing all manner of nefarious activities. Your computer has been […]

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This post is a sequel to Tech support scammers using Winlogon. As we have found after writing that post there are many variants of this scam. I want to go into some more detail about the last one. Where the first variants all showed you a screen asking for a product key and some buttons […]

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Recently, Kaspersky Lab experts detected a new wave of spam emails dedicated to the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Spammers picked up on people’s desire to watch the games live and created a message about a (fake) lottery allegedly organized by the International Olympic Committee and the Brazilian government. The spammers tried to […]

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FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016



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