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Concerted efforts to increase job satisfaction, automation in the Security Operations Center (SOC) and gamification in the workplace are key to beating cybercriminals at their own game, according to McAfee.

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False positives … those annoying notifications that make you panic at first, but after further investigation, turn out to be nothing to worry about. Initially, they seem like a minor inconvenience but what happens when you have hundreds, or even thousands of them occurring every day and you find yourself wasting 75% (or more) of […]

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FireHost, a Dallas-based cloud hosting provider that has made security the focus of its offerings, announced on Tuesday that it has appointed retired U.S. Army Col. Jeff Schilling as the company’s new chief security officer (CSO). Prior to joining FireHost, Schilling was the Director of the Global Incident Response practice for Dell SecureWorks where his […]

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