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Our recent trendsider twitter chat focused on ransomware. If you haven’t heard about ransomware yet, the odds are good that you will soon. This is major growth area for cyber-criminals. Ransomware variants continue to pop up, each a bit more vicious than the last. Security tools continue to block and prevent ransomware, criminals continue to […]

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Malware targeting online banking sites naturally cause alarm among users, as they are designed to steal not only information but also money from its users. Thus it is no surprise that the surfacing of KINS, peddled as “professional-grade banking Trojan” in the underground market, raised concerns that it might become as successful as ZeuS/ZBOT had […]

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Recently we have noticed a new variant of backdoor malware spreading in UK networks using interesting anti-virtual machine tricks.Today’s malware uses anti-emulation and anti-debugging tricks on a daily basis to prevent malware researchers from debugging or emulating a particular sample. The vast majority of malware files still consist of simple anti-emulation tricks like calling less […]

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