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Clothing retailer Forever 21 is telling customers to keep a close eye on their credit card statements, after the American fashion outlet warned that it had suffered a data breach at some of its stores. In a brief statement posted on its website, Forever 21 said that it had received a report from a third […]

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Google’s Issue Tracker, also known internally as the “Buganizer,” contained until recently a vulnerability that would allow an external party access to any unpatched bug listed and described in the database. Alex Birsan, a software developer and hobbyist bug-hunter, collected more than $15,000 in bounties for finding this bug and two other unrelated flaws in […]

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While revealing the results of an internal investigation, Kaspersky Lab admitted it had uploaded classified NSA malware from a user’s computer in 2014. But that same user had been backdoored after installing a pirated version of Microsoft Office. Read More

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