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Since joining Kaspersky Lab nearly two years ago, I have always seen David Jacoby as one of our company’s more outgoing and jovial researchers. In addition to creating security memes for Halloween, he also helped put a human face to the company’s GReAT team and even let a film crew look at his crib (MTV style).

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The mobile application that accompanies many Hyundai cars exposed sensitive information that could have allowed attackers to remotely locate, unlock, and start vehicles.
The vulnerability was patched in the latest version of the mobile app released in March but was publicly disclosed on Tuesday.

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For example, The Economist featured an ominous cover story: “Why computers will never be safe.” It’s a common worry. Since APIs by definition govern access to important data, any concerns about data security lead inevitably to questions about API security. This focus will continue to become increasingly top of mind as more APIs are created, published and used in the growing API-first world.

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