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Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security users are familiar with Anti-Banner, a handy component that blocks annoying ads on websites and in software interfaces. Ad-blockers are really useful nowadays. Using them lets you open websites faster, makes webpages more readable, and stops data-gathering tools from spying on you.

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Cisco Senior Security Researcher Brad Antoniewicz often gets asked whether those who take people’s computers hostage with ransomware actually hold up their end of the bargain and decrypt files when victims pay by bitcoin. “They’re in it to make money…Good customer service is important to these people,” he said, and not at all tongue in […]

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Steven Bay, a former defense contractor, knows a thing or two about insider threats. For a brief period, he was the boss of Edward Snowden, the famous leaker who stole sensitive files from the U.S. National Security Agency. Recalling the day he learned Snowden had been behind the NSA leaks back in June 2013, Bay said he received texts about the breaking news while in a leadership meeting at a church.

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