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Major League Baseball’s spring training will wrap up in a matter of weeks, and baseball stadiums everywhere are getting ready for opening day — you might even be able to smell the peanuts already. But when it comes to your sensitive data security, do you know who’s on first? More importantly, do you know who’s […]

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By now, ransomware isn’t anything new – these attacks have been capturing headlines for several years, particularly when high-profile targets including enterprises or law enforcement agencies are victims. However, a ransomware infection poses a unique set of challenges when it takes place within the health care sector. According to Trend Micro research, attacks in the […]

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I prefer the use of shoulder surfing over visual hacking, however it is a highly critical issue for security practitioners. First, lets examine the straightforward claim of teamwork and collaboration. The column assumes that everyone inside a company is entitled to see all information inside a company. Anyone who has been in a modern office […]

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TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016



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