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A mobile spyware for Android was disclosed today, with extensive, advanced surveillance capabilities that suggest that a sophisticated actor is pulling the strings. Using a recently discovered malware dubbed Triout, bad actors are tapping into the proliferating footprint of Android-based smartphones: The growing install base offers up a rich attack surface, filled with microphones, cameras […]

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Law enforcement agencies have a problem. They know that more and more of us use our cellphones and other devices to communicate and that they contain a wealth of information of about our circle of friends, our family, those we do business with. But most smartphones encrypt their data when locked, stopping everyone – including […]

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Android is the most popular mobile operating system, which explains why Android-specific malware is the most common. There is another reason Android users are more exposed: Android lets you install apps from any source, not just from the one official store, as is the case with iOS. Getting an Android device infected is the easiest […]

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