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Law enforcement agencies have a problem. They know that more and more of us use our cellphones and other devices to communicate and that they contain a wealth of information of about our circle of friends, our family, those we do business with. But most smartphones encrypt their data when locked, stopping everyone – including […]

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Android is the most popular mobile operating system, which explains why Android-specific malware is the most common. There is another reason Android users are more exposed: Android lets you install apps from any source, not just from the one official store, as is the case with iOS. Getting an Android device infected is the easiest […]

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It’s hard to turn on the television or read another article about corporate data breaches. With that kind of coverage, one would think that most Americans are taking their own personal cybersecurity very seriously. Not so. According to a recent survey from AlertSec, only 45% of Americans know they have anti-virus protection on their laptops.

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