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For several years the biggest smartphone developer, Samsung, has been heavily promoting the Tizen operating system. This experiment began in 2013, when the market saw two new Samsung cameras that worked on Tizen OS. Later, the company released smartwatches that were also based on Tizen.

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The chances of you encountering malware on your Android phone is incredibly small, according to Google. By the end of last year, less than 0.71 percent of Android devices had installed a “potentially harmful application”, such as spyware, a Trojan, or other malicious software. Read More

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Julian Assange, Wikileaks’ founder and Russian propagandist, must be proud of himself. In his latest “revelation” that the Central Intelligence Agency can hack Apple and Android smartphones, PC operating systems and smart TVs, he has people throwing fits about how awful the CIA is. As my fellow Computerworld writer buddy Mike Elgan said, “The Wikileaks/CIA […]

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