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David Kent sold his social network Rigzone to Dice, created a competing company, hacked the first company to build up the new company, then tried to sell the new company to Dice. Instead, Kent faces a year and a day in federal prison for repeatedly hacking into a computer database to which he was not […]

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Keeping things private and running a successful video log (vlog) are not exactly two compatible goals. This is because, according to LaToya Forever, an online personality with two popular vlogs on YouTube, one of the secrets of YouTube success is keeping things “100 percent real and genuine.” This means broadcasting everything from adorable kid moments […]

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Like the invention of the fire pit, the history of the first password is lost to the depths of time. We know that Romans used them. Shakespeare mentioned passwords in The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Probably, they’re a few millennia older than that. Since ancient times, we’ve known that passwords must be kept […]

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